Jericoacoara main beach

Jericoacoara low tide

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara came out of anonymity.

Once a tiny fishing village, whose name seemed unpronounceable until a few years ago, today is easily found on the web in several languages, described as a jewel at the northeast Brazilian coast and one of the most wanted holiday destinations.


Daylight is over...

...time to party!

Tourism has quickly changed Jeri village: its space has been adapted to welcome the growing amount of passionate visitors, a varied public from young backpackers to families with little kids and seniors, passing by couples in honeymoon and friend groups of every age; the fishermen houses have been replaced by hostels, pousadas and hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, enterprises for all tastes and budgets… but the streets have not been paved and the sky view has not been obstructed by the buildings.
Fortunately the majestic Nature imposes its force with the moving dunes curtain and the tide spectacle, limiting the village growth. Today, mingled to active fishermen and children playing in the streets, we see people from all over the world, visitors of every color, style and accents… in common, tanned faces with a serene expression of tranquility and happiness. Because neither the time nor the progress are able to change the best we find here: the unique, unparalleled and unforgettable Jeri energy!

Jericoacoara Attractions

It is worth knowing…

A spot that’s anything but crowded, Serrote hill offers a surpassing show at sunset time, with a panoramic view of the whole village, the beach, Malhada sea and the dunes of Jericoacoara National Park… a moment of pure contemplation and peace, off the main tourist routes concentrated around Sunset Dune.