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The municipal law 107/2015 is in force from September 2017; it regulates the charge of the “Sustainable Tourism Tax” during your stay in Jericoacoara village; this tax can not be paid through the Pousada, its responsability and management is exclusive to the municipality. Please check the following links for information:

Payment website:

Prefeitura Municipal de Jijoca de Jericoacoara website:


“Sustainable Tourism Tax” (updated Feb.01st 2023) BRL 41.50 for 10 days/per person, BRL 4.15 each extra day (exempt from the fee: children under 12, seniors over 60 and people with disabilities); it can be paid through the municipality website by credit card, or at the entrance of Jericoacoara upon arrival, where payment can be made by credit card or cash.


At Jeri village there are no banks, ATM machines or exchange offices; although some services for Brazilian banks account holders are available, these services are not constant and often are cashless. Therefore, it is recommended to bring some cash for small expenses. At Jijoca town there is a Banco do Brasil agency with ATM ( credit card withdrawals). Most of restaurants and shops accept credit cards, mainly Visa and MasterCard.


Don’t waste room in your bag – leave your shoes behind: all you need is flip-flops, and a pair of sneakers if you want to go jogging or horseback riding.
High heels for nightlife? No place for them, with all that fluffy sand all over the place…




Near Pousada do Mauricio there is the most valid Sports Center of Jeri where you can rent equipment for Windsurf, Wing Foil, Surf and Sup. Or take lessons and have support to live Jericoacoara at its best.

Experience the thrill of windsurfing in Jericoacoara with Jeri250 Water Sports Center, nestled in the heart of one of the world’s most consistently windy destinations. This idyllic spot, known for its enchanting fisherman’s village charm, is a premier location for both windsurf and wingfoil enthusiasts in Jericoacoara.
At Jeri250 Water Sports Center, we invite enthusiasts from across the globe to immerse themselves in an unparalleled water sports adventure. Our center is the perfect launchpad for embracing the vibrant beach life and creating unforgettable memories in the picturesque Jericoacoara Village.



Experience the excitement of windsurfing, a captivating blend of sailing and surfing, at Jericoacoara. This idyllic location, famous for its unspoiled beaches and consistent winds, is a top choice for windsurfing enthusiasts around the globe. Jericoacoara, with its pristine beaches and consistent wind conditions, emerges as an ideal sanctuary for windsurfing aficionados.


In the dynamic realm of aquatic adventures, wingfoil in Jericoacoara is making waves, ingeniously merging the thrills of windsurfing, the agility of kitesurfing, and the grace of foiling. This enthralling activity has rapidly ascended in popularity, attracting water sports enthusiasts globally. Jericoacoara, with its unspoiled shores and steady winds, has become the quintessential haven for wingfoil enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of challenge and serenity.


Surfing in Jericoacoara is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. The combination of our expert instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and the natural allure of Jericoacoara’s beaches ensures that every surfer has an unforgettable experience on the water. For standup paddle enthusiasts, Jericoacoara’s calm waters and scenic vistas provide the perfect backdrop for SUP adventures. Whether you’re gliding peacefully over the water or catching small waves, Jeri250 ensures a memorable standup paddle experience in Jericoacoara’s idyllic setting.